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About Elevator

Elevator is a four-level general English course that takes students from beginner to upper intermediate level (CEF levels A1 to B2).

Each level provides up to 120 hours of material, and includes a Student’s Book, Workbook, Language Lift reference booklet, and CD-Rom – as well as a Teacher’s Book and Teacher’s Resource Book.

  • is fast-paced and offers a real sense of progress;
  • has a fresh, modern look and is very clear and easy-to-use;
  • provides lots of speaking practice, including extended final tasks.
  • uses an easy-to-teach methodology with lots of teaching tips and advice;
  • is very flexible and enables teachers to use the best approach for their students;
  • includes lots of extra activities, including song worksheets and tests.

Students will like Elevator International because it:

Teachers will like Elevator International because it: